teaching COSTUME DESIGN + MAKE UP students

Business&Law School Berlin // Summer Semester 2024

Learning Analysis Techniques for the Plot, Characters, Music, and Staging of an Opera

- Identification of key scenes and moments
- Examination of plot development and character dynamics
- Analysis of musical motifs and themes
- Observation of directorial instructions and staging concepts
- Consideration of sets, costumes, and props
- Discussion of the use of symbolism and themes
- Compilation of observations on atmosphere and mood

- Discussion of the various elements of an opera and their significance for the design.
- Analysis of examples from "Hansel and Gretel":
- Joint analysis of selected scenes to demonstrate the application of analysis techniques.

Group Work


Theater&Music Academy Hamburg (Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg)

Starting from December 2023


Department of Theatre

During my time at Concordia University in the Department of Theatre, I was actively involved in various aspects of the theater community. Here's a glimpse into what I was doing:

1.Lectures: As a passionate educator, I had the privilege of delivering engaging lectures on various theater-related topics. These lectures aimed to inspire and inform students about the rich world of theater arts.

2. Artists in Residence: I had the pleasure of collaborating with renowned artists in residence. This allowed me to gain valuable insights and foster creative connections, contributing to a vibrant and dynamic learning environment.

3. Collaboration with Students: Working closely with students was a highlight of my time at Concordia. Together, we explored and developed theatrical concepts, honed performance skills, and brought innovative ideas to life on stage.

4. Performance: Theater is all about performance, and I was actively involved in creating and participating in captivating performances. These experiences were not only artistically rewarding but also a testament to the dedication of our theater department.

These experiences have shaped me as an artist and educator, and I look forward to continuing to explore the world of theater in exciting ways.

Announcing the Performance at the end of my stay at Concordia:

(un)learning ARTISTS IN CRISIS with Margo Zalite

Those in the Montreal area are welcome to come in person: the performance is in the Concordia Mini Box Theatre, EV 4.502. A zoom link is also provided.

A podcast party about how to live in a destabilized world. Featuring the sounds of mushrooms and other crisis-experts via modular synthesizers.

Those in the Montreal area are welcome to come in person: the performance is in the Concordia Mini Box Theatre, EV 4.502. A zoom link is also provided. 

Margo Zālīte describes her work as “moving pain paintings” that, in a free flow, balance between reality and imagination. Numerous opera productions have been created in the director’s interpretations. In Berlin these include G. Verdi’s La traviata, R. Wagner’s Die Walküre, B. Britten’s The Turn of the Screw, W. A. Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte, etc. She is passionate about architecture, anthropology, biology and expanding space-time with the help of music theatre. Rolling through countless mentalities and world-views is her answer to the dismayed Western Europe.

Margo, originally from Latvia and currently based in Germany, is concluding a series of events at Concordia, including a discussion as part of the "Fire and Light" series at 4th space and a "Walk in LeParc" that explored multidisciplinary podcasts. She concludes her residency at the Mini Box with this podcast party. Stay tuned!

Scenographer: Carolie Delisle

Multimedia: Charlotte Alexander

Video/Photo: Anna Henderson

TEACHING / LMU Munich / Theaterakadmie Hamburg / Academy of Culture Latvia etc.

TOP 1 // theoratical and practical introduction digital narration

TOP 2 // The development of intercultural skills for Young theatre professionals in Europe.

TOP 3 

2. The innovation of dramatic skills for Young theatre professionals in Europe

with special focus on:

- multilingualism

- cross-over between theatre & technology such as new media

- bridging between national tradition & heritage in theatre and international

- post-Dramatic performance-theatre.

TOP 4 // International employability for Young theatre professionals in Europe.

Strengthening international employability depends on the one hand on the Results.

BOWING / visiting theatre with student groups

development of observation and analysis skills for young theatre professionals. partly with international students.