Teaching MODULAR SYNTHS&mushrooms

Berlin // with co-artist scenographist Julia Rommel

Workshopweek for children from Heinz Brandt School Berlin


Are you interested in exploring mycelium? Mushrooms can do so much more than you think. We want to go into the forest with you to see what connects mushrooms and the forest, and how mycelium can be used in the future.
Finally, we want to make the world of mycelium audible with you: using electrical impulses, synthesizers, and mixing consoles. You will then add sounds to GIFs.

You thought of the title "Mushrooms as Superheroes," which I like, but I also feel that the music aspect is not reflected in it. What do you think of "Mycelium in Sounds," or do you think no one will sign up for that?

PILZE / MUSHROOMS… wood.wide.web.

Project for HKW (Haus Kulturen der Welt Berlin)

S.O.S. – Schools of Sustainability

Can Schools Save the Climate?

What needs to change in schools in view of the climate crisis? Saving CO2 is important, but curricula and subject structures also need to be rethought. Can artistic approaches motivate schools to become fit for the future of the climate?

Margo Zalite together with scenographer Julia Rommel was leading a one year (2021-2022) mushroom-lessons for the Wedding-school, 3rd class pupils (9yo). 

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The climate crisis demands rapid action and rethinking at all levels. Together with three Berlin schools and eight artists, Haus der Kulturen der Welt is looking at the school system to initiate sustainable change processes: How can we live and experience sustainability in the classroom, in the building and other resources, in our awareness? The focus is on artistic research as a method for opening new perspectives on the world and its complexities in an open and participatory process. This process will be supervised by experts from education, ecology and politics. The result is a vision of a new curriculum, a contemporary school that is forward-looking in its architecture, teaching and technologies. At a closing congress, the students present their school projects to their peers in workshops and an exhibition and discuss their demands with decision-makers from schools, politics and administration. Two teacher training courses will draw on the experience of the project work to provide recommendations for teaching practice.

Participating schools:


Participating artists:

Aïcha Abbadi
Jana Engel
Erik Göngrich
Franziska Pierwoss
Ursula Rogg
Julia Jasmin Rommel
Johanna Schwab
Margo Zālīte

Accompanying research:

Students from the University of Duisburg-Essen under the direction of Maren Zieseand Sarah Wenzinger accompany the project artistically and scientifically and develop materials for educators.


Children puppetry film for children broadcast in internet
Music by M.Zalite, arranged by E. Phizmiz

Lullaby diet

Original music theatre for bajan, theremin, over head projector 
For children btw 0-99

Invisible Margo

Children broadcast for Latvian National Television
M.Zalite — idea, music author, actor

What did mr. Rooster say?

Music score for children's book

xenakis for children

riga, children theatre festival