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Being a theatre festival artistic director is like leading a vibrant community parade. It's a dance of responsibilities and shared dreams. Collaborative spirit shines as you work shoulder-to-shoulder with colleagues, performers, sponsors, and our treasured audience. Meetings become brainstorm sessions where creativity runs wild, guided by a team dedicated to bringing the magic to life. Gratitude flows for the trust and hard work everyone pours into crafting each moment. Amidst the organized chaos, it's the people who light up the path. Here's to the humbling journey of weaving tales, applause, and heartbeats into the fabric of our artistic tapestry.

Embarking on the thrilling odyssey of a theatre festival artistic director is embracing a whirlwind of responsibilities and creative crescendos. You're the grand conductor of a symphony, orchestrating a harmonious blend of vision and execution. Collaborative constellations form as you guide a passionate team toward the stars of artistic brilliance. The canvas of your days is painted with endless meetings, brainstorming, and curatorial magic. Amidst the organized chaos, you're the North Star, steering the ship through uncharted waters. Each decision, a brushstroke; each success, a standing ovation. Welcome to a world where the stage isn't just a platform, but a universe of boundless imagination.


Amidst a parade of choo-choo trains, there emerged a galaxy of captivating theatre shows! Imagine a world where bowing isn't just a gym workout, but an art form. Brace yourself for a whirlwind tour of theatrical wonders from the independent scene and performative geniuses. Get ready to unleash your inner applause-o-saurus!

I've practically become a human train-pass! Being a festival's artistic director is like signing up for Train Life 101. Here's a sneak peek into my train-bound adventures while curating extraordinary festival FAVORITEN, the oldest independent theatre festival in Germany. All aboard the express of artistic excitement!


artistic directing
since Mai 2021

FAVORITEN – the theater, dance and performance festival of the independent scene in North Rhine-Westphalia – has been held every two years in Dortmund since 1985. It is one of the oldest festivals of the independent performing arts in Germany and is aimed equally at the people of the city and region as well as at a nationwide and international (professional) audience. For the 2022 and 2024 editions of the festival, Anne Mahlow, Margo Zālīte and Sina-Marie Schneller will be the artistic directors of FAVORITEN for the first time.

The next festival edition will take place from September 15-25, 2022 in Dortmund and digitally.


assistant to the artistic director Stefanie Carp

Anselm Reyle

Ariana Mnouchkine

Evelīna Deičmane

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Meridith Monk

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Monica Bonvicini

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